How to Install

The Basic Ebook Reader for Ubuntu

Installation Methods

There are a number of ways to install Beru. My recommendations are as follows:

  • On a touch device, if you don’t care where books are stored: Ubuntu Software Store
  • On a touch device, if you want to control where books are stored: OpenStore
  • On the desktop (older versions): PPA
  • For development: Git

Ubuntu Software Store

Beru is available in the Software Store for Ubuntu Touch. (This is different from the Software Center and apparently doesn’t have a website.) If you search in your Dash for “Beru”, it should come up and be installable with a single click.

Note that this version runs under application confinement restrictions.


A less-confined version of Beru is available through the OpenStore. If you haven’t already, download the OpenStore click package and install it with

pkcon install-local --allow-untrusted *.click

Then, install Beru from the OpenStore app.


An older version of Beru is available in ppa:rschroll/beru. Add that to your software sources, and you should be able to install Beru with your favorite package manager. Most of the recent work on Beru has focused on improving the experience on Ubuntu touch. You aren’t missing anything running an older version on the desktop.

You may want to add ppa:ubuntu-sdk-team/ppa as well. This used to ensure that you had an up-to-date version of the Ubuntu SDK. I’m not quite sure what it does anymore.


You can browse the source on GitHub or get it for yourself with

git clone

The README gives instructions on building.

On version numbers

Versions ending in an even number are subject to confinement restrictions on file access; versions ending in an odd number are not. Otherwise, a.b.(2n) and a.b.(2n+1) are identical. The former is found only in the Software Store.