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The Basic Ebook Reader for Ubuntu


07 November 2014

Finally, Beru has reached 1.0! There’s not much difference between this and the previous beta (which is a good thing). The most noticable thing is that the phone will be locked in portrait orientation when you’re reading a book. This will keep the screen from reorienting when you roll over in bed, which will keep the Monocle display from becoming very confused. Ideally, you’d have the choice to lock the screen in either orientation, but the SDK doesn’t support that yet. There are several other bug fixes, and translations have been updated and improved. As always, there are many ways to install Beru on your phone, tablet, and desktop.

In addition to everyone I’ve thanked before, I want to call out two other people for their help. First, Randy Olive has done a lot of boring work, testing Beru on a physical device and porting it to CMake. Without him, we wouldn’t have reached 1.0 today. Second, someone from Fòram na Gàidhlig has patiently guided me through some tricky translation issues. All translations have benefited from the improved translator comments they’ve inspired.

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